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How to install AD DS and create forest via PS?

29 / 11 / 2013 by Active Directory, PowerShell Yorum yok / No Comments

Here is another small tip to create a new forest on a clean Windows Server 2012 R2, it installs AD DS, DNS and necessary administrative tools, and creates your forest, DNS entries etc.

Very useful information about AD DS Deployment Cmdlets can be found at /

WDS Auto-Add ve AD’de Prestaging verilerini temizlemek

WDS Auto-Add veritabanini temizlemek WDS Auto-Add veritabanindaki onaylanmis bilgisayarlari her 30 gunde bir temizler. Isterseniz bu sureyi WDSUTIL /Set-Server /AutoAddPolicy /RetentionPeriod /Approved:Days komutu ile degistirebilirsiniz.  ( Ornegin 7 gune ayarlamak icin : WDSUTIL /Set-Server /AutoAddPolicy /RetentionPeriod /Approved:7 Eger isterseniz  wdsutil /delete-AutoAddDevices /DeviceType:ApprovedDevices komutu ule tum onaylanmis bilgisayarlari Auto-Add veritabanindan temizleyebilirsiniz.  ( Ancak WDS Auto-Add veritabaninda […]

Purging WDS database and clearing prestaging values from AD computers

Purging Auto-Add Database in WDS WDS purges approved computers from Auto-Add database every 30 days by default. You can also change the retention period for approved computers record by running WDSUTIL /Set-Server /AutoAddPolicy /RetentionPeriod /Approved:Days command. ( To change the length of time approved computers are held in the Auto-Add database to 7 days. WDSUTIL /Set-Server […]