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How to disable VMWare PC Speaker System Beeps

17 / 01 / 2014 by VMWare 1 Yorum / Comment

How to disable VMWare PC Speaker System Beeps Annoying isn’t it. So if you want to disable / turn off VMWare PC speaker system beeps for a specific virtual machine Edit the VM’s .vmx file, add the line below and save it while machine is OFF.

If you want to disable it for all VMs you need […]

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VMWare vCenter cannot contact the specified host error while adding host.

28 / 11 / 2013 by vCenter Yorum yok / No Comments

Please search VMware web site first if you get this error and if you haven’t looked to general solutions for this issue yet. You might have problems in your network configuration, DNS, IP or Lockdown mode might have enabled on the host. etc. You may have latency issues if you still get this error and […]

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VMWare vCenter Server 5.5 installation on Windows 2012 R2 stuck at Directory Services Installation

27 / 11 / 2013 by vCenter 1 Yorum / Comment

I have just experienced the problem below while testing VMware vCenter 5.5 on Windows 2012 R2. It stuck at Installing Directory Services step. I found the installer was trying to run a non-existing file “ocsetup.exe” at this step, weird thing is vCenter installer doesn’t complain about that, it only waits, the log file is under %temp%\vminst.log. […]

Changing collation of Virtual Center Database

16 / 02 / 2011 by vCenter Yorum yok / No Comments

I needed to change VMWare ESX’s Virtual Center 2 Database collation while moving the DB to another MS SQL server using different collation, you might not need to change VC2 DB collation but I think it is better to use default server collation. As usual for most databases I got the error below; because of […]