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How To Retry Exchange Unreachable Domain Mail Queue

07 / 03 / 2017 by Exchange Server Yorum yok / No Comments

I will try to show you how to retry queued messages located in the Unreachable Domain mail queue.

In my case, I have experienced this issue just after removing an exchange server that was configured as expansion server for some distribution groups.

In Microsoft Exchange Server, there are message routing scenarios where a message that isn’t delivered is put in the Unreachable queue or rerouted.

The decision to put a message in the Unreachable queue is made during the routing phase of categorisation. If a routing path can’t be calculated for a message during the routing phase, the message is sent to the Unreachable queue.

And they wait there until you release them.

The fix is Retrying and it is not possible from the EMC or Queue Viewer tool.

To retry the messages waiting in the Unreachable Domain queue, open the EMS (Exchange Management Shell)

We will use Retry-Queue cmdlet to force a connection attempt for a queue on a Mailbox server or an Edge Transport server.


To resubmit all messages located in the Unreachable queue, use the following syntax.
Retry-Queue -Identity “<ServerName>\Unreachable” -Resubmit $true

This example resubmits all messages located in the Unreachable queue on the server Exchange01.
Retry-Queue -Identity “Exchange02\Unreachable” -Resubmit $true

Hope it helps!

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