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Windows 2012 R2 Setup Hangs on HP G7 N54L MicroServer

25 / 05 / 2015 by HP, Windows Server 2012 R2 2 Yorum / Comments

HP_ProLiant_N54LI have been thinking to update my HP G7 N54L MicroServer with Windows 2012 R2 for a long time. Finally found a time slot, prepared an USB Flash Memory and started to install.

The setup has copied files and restarted the system. But it had stuck at 82%. A hard reset didn’t help as well, it stuck again with an animated dotted wait circle on a black screen.

Then I found out it’s a well-known issue for old BIOS versions and found the latest version on HP Support 2013.10.01 (A) (15 Nov 2013), but HP didn’t provide me the latest BIOS as they require a service contract like things for BIOS’. No comments for this, just guess what I felt about HP.

I found the BIOS from somewhere else and prepared another USB by using the \USBKey\HPQUSB.exe tool located inside the SP64420.exe, then boot the system with it and updated the BIOS. The update process was very very very straight forward, didn’t ask anything! : )

Then I ran the Windows 2012 R2 setup again and this time it has installed without any problem.

You can download the BIOS update directly from

I am sharing the same file from here. Pass is HPG7N54L


BIOS File information

Type: BIOS – System ROM
Version: 2013.10.01 (A)(15 Nov 2013)
File name: SP64420.exe (2.6 MB)
Deliverable Name:HP ProLiant MicroServer System ROM – O41
Release Date:10/01/2013
Last Recommended or Critical Revision:09/30/2010
Previous Revision:07/29/2011
Firmware Dependencies: None
Enhancements/New Features: None
Problems Fixed: Addressed an issue where Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 may stop responding while booting the operating system.


  1. Obtain a formatted USB Key media.
  2. Download the SoftPaq  and simply double click on the SPxxxxx.exe file and follow the installation wizard to complete the SoftPaq installation process. At the end of a successful installation of the SoftPaq a web page will automatically appear to provide you with the different methods for restoring and/or upgrading the firmware on the system.
  3. Insert this USB Key into the USB Key port of the system to be updated and power the system on to boot to the USB Key.

2 comments on “Windows 2012 R2 Setup Hangs on HP G7 N54L MicroServer

  1. on June 19, 2015
    David Harris says:

    Excellent, many thanks, this really helped me a lot last night!

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