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Configuring Impersonation role for a specific AD group in Dynamics CRM Exchange Server Side Sync

You are configuring server-side synchronization between CRM and Exchange and you are going to assign impersonation rights to special AD account.

This is easy as there are lots of websites provide very detailed instructions to do that.

Let’s call our special account CRMImpSync

But if you do not want to give impersonation rights to that user, for all of your users.

You will need to create a management scope first, and that is the point of the entry.

In my case, I have been asked to limit that user scope and given the built-in CRM reporting group define the scope.

To do that

1. We need to get Distinguished Name (DN) of the group first,

You can create an AD group for your CRM users and use that to create the management scope as well.

2. Then create a management scope by using the DN information we got,

3.  And assign impersonation role to our user on our management scope.

Now our user that has the impersonation role has these rights on the group we wish.

Hope it helps

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