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Troubleshooting SCCM Client BITS Errors

06 / 05 / 2014 by SCCM / Configuration Manager, SCCM 2007 Yorum yok / No Comments

Troubleshooting SCCM Client BITS Errors

I will try to list a few key things that need to be checked when you experience SCCM package download problems to the client cache on BITS enabled SCCM clients to avoid network bottlenecks

Client Side




Open this log file with the Trace32 log viewer tool that comes with SCCM and look for JobErrors.

Sample (Reds for problematic state)

DTSJob {GUID} in state ‘DownloadingData’.    DataTransferService
CDTSJob::JobError : DTS Job ID={GUID}
DTSJob {GUID} in state ‘RetrievedData’.    DataTransferService
DTSJob {GUID} successfully completed download.    DataTransferService
DTSJob {GUID} in state ‘NotifiedComplete’.    DataTransferService
DTS job {GUID} has completed:
Start time :
Completion time :
Elapsed time : 0 seconds    DataTransferService


Then you can check clients BITS status by using the command below in a elevated command prompt.

bitsadmin /list /allusers


If you have an error

{GUID} ‘CCMDTS Job’ ERROR 146 / 3805 4752558 / UNKNOWN
Listed 1 job(s).

You can get more detail about the job by running

bitsadmin /info {GUID} /verbose

You can also add verbose parameter and redirect output for all jobs to a text file to make things more detailed and easier.

bitsadmin /list /allusers /verbose

You may try to run bitsadmin /reset /allusers command to reset all BITS jobs but it doesn’t help always if the root cause is distribution point or BITS configuration.

BITS Transfer Rates in SCCM Server and Registry

Be sure your BITS transfer rates policy applied to clients doesn’t limit the bandwidth usable / provided by SCCM.

Check SCCM first to find out what is the maximum bandwidth provided by your server.



sccm bits rates details

Then check your client registry to find out and to be sure it hasn’t lower values than your server.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


bits client registry

You’ll need to adjust your clients rates if you find rates are lower than the SCCM server provides, you can do that directly on registry but I recommend you to use Active Directory (Ad) Groups Policy Objects (GPO) .

IIS Logs

You can see more details about the problem by checking IIS logs on your distribution points, so don’t skip this step. Your problem can be related to extensions blocked by IIS or a file not transferred properly. 401.2? Access denied, 404? not found, 404.7? extension blocked (, 404.11? double escaping not allowed ( etc

Visit for all HTTP status codes

Good luck, I hope it helps.


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