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WDS – Windows Deployment Service Network Boot Programs

12 / 03 / 2014 by Windows Deployment (WDS) Yorum yok / No Comments

WDS – Windows Deployment Service Network Boot Programs and their descriptions.

NBP Description Architecture Firmware (Default) Requires the user to press the F12 key for a network boot to continue. x86-based and x64-based BIOS
PXEboot.n12 Does not require the user to press F12 and immediately begins a network boot. x86-based and x64-based BIOS Boots the computer by using the next boot item in the BIOS without waiting for a time-out. x86-based and x64-based BIOS and Causes computers that do not support firmware console redirection to display “Press space or F12 for network boot,” using console redirection to serial port 1 or 2. Users can proceed with the boot process by pressing either key, or they can exit the boot process by not pressing either key. x86-based and x64-based BIOS
Hdlscom1.n12 and Hdlscom2.n12 Causes computers that support firmware console redirection will not display the prompt “Press space or F12 for network boot” and the computer will not wait for user input. x86-based and x64-based BIOS
Bootmgfw.efi The equivalent of Bootmgr.exe for EFI-based computers. In EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), the choice of whether or not to perform a network boot is handled within the EFI shell, and not by the NBP. x64-based and Itanium-based EFI An NBP developed for Windows Deployment Services that serves the following general purposes:1. Architecture detection
2. Pending computer scenarios. When the Auto-Add policy is enabled, this NBP is sent to pending computers to pause the network boot and report back the client computer’s architecture to the server.
3. Network boot referral cases (including use of Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) options 66 and 67)
x86-based and x64-based BIOS

More detail about managing network boot programs can be found at the source of this table :

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