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First Time and Subsequent User Experience with Multi-factor Authentication via Mobile Phone

06 / 01 / 2014 by Exchange Server 2013 Yorum yok / No Comments

In a previous article I mentioned about ‘How to Setup Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.

1. After the user has successful provided the correct password during log on through the Office 365 portal page, the following message will be displayed. ‘Your admin has required that you set up this account for additional security verification.’

In this article I will continue where I left off.  After a user has been enabled for multi-factor authentication, the steps that outline the user’s experience are as follows:

User will need to click the ‘Set it up now’ button, as shown in below Figure. Remember, this is option is only configured during the first time access however can be changed afterwards by the administrator as required.



2. After the user has clicked Set it up now, the option to have the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Service call a phone number or text a code to a mobile phone will appear. In this window the user can select the phone numbers that the service will use.



3. After specifying the contact method the user is required to sign in with the password. To complete the Additional Security Verification click on verify to receive the 6 digit security code.



4. Then enter the 6 digit code sent to your mobile phone and Verify. Click Next after successful verification.



5. Complete Additional Security Verification process by following the steps below.



6. Click on Generate App password



If call a phone number is chosen as opposed to text a code to a mobile phone; the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Service will call the phone number.  In this scenario the user is required to answer the call and, should hear the following message: “Thank you for using the Microsoft verification system. Press the pound key to finish verifying your account.” The user should press the pound (#) key on the phone. The following message will be heard: “Your account has been verified. Goodbye.” The user will be notified on success.

If the user is not able to do this, he/she will receive a verification failure dialog box, but will have the option to click the ‘Retry’ button.


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