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How to prompt for computer name in MDT/SCCM Task Sequence (OSD)

I was using Collection Variables in Collection Settings to ask Computer Name [OSDComputerName] at the beginning of my OSD Task Sequences. It was useful but it doesn’t have confirmation or correction features.

So I wanted to change it to something asks if the entered computer names is correct and allow user to change name before final confirmation.

And it worked nicely : )

My new prompt for the computer name script is


Feel free to use, change or optimize.

You can create a SCCM Package and run this script via “Run Command Line” action in your task sequence (cscript “PromptForComputerName.wsf”).

Or you can place it into your MDT Scripts (Toolkit package) and  run “Use Toolkit Package” action before it from, then run (cscript “%deployroot%PersonalPromptForComputerName.wsf”) in a “Run Command Line” action just after “Use Toolkit Package”.

2 comments on “How to prompt for computer name in MDT/SCCM Task Sequence (OSD)

  1. on March 26, 2018
    Steve Russell says:

    Will this work in 2012 sccm 1706 version? any help would be great

    • on April 12, 2018
      Osman Shener says:

      Should work, this is a simple VBScript , worth to check MDT Variables validity.

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