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Make DNSCMD Ageing values readable

21 / 12 / 2011 by DNS Yorum yok / No Comments

DNSCMD data gives hours since 1/1/1600 00:00 (Source:Export DNS records to Excel to read time stamps and static records) but Excel is configured with 1/1/1900 00:00, so we need to remove the extra 300 years from our aging value first.

We’ll use constant 2620924 here.
(AGE: value -2620924)/24 gives us day count from 1/1/1900 00:00

So 1/1/1900 + the day count will give us the Time Stamp value in a format we can understand.

Verified example:
=((AGE-2620924)/24)+(1/1/1900)=04/06/2009 which is same as DNS console shows.

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