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WSUS 3.0 SP2 Setup Error Codes

06 / 10 / 2011 by WSUS Yorum yok / No Comments
Return Code Return String Meaning
0x001450 SUS_LAUNCH_ERROR Setup conditions are not satisfied.
0x001451 SUS_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error.
0x001452 SUS_REBOOT_REQUIRED Reboot is required to complete the installation. This error most commonly occurs when installing Windows® Internal Database.
0x001453 SUS_INVALID_COMMANDLINE Invalid command line entry.
0x001454 SUS_LOWSQLVERSION Invalid SQL Server version. WSUS supports only computers running at least SQL Server 2005 SP2.
0x001455 SUS_TRIGGERSNOTSET Triggers are not set in SQL Server. For instructions about how to enable nested triggers, see How to: Configure the nested triggers Option (SQL Server Management Studio).
0x001456 SUS_INVALIDPATH Invalid content path is specified.
0x001457 SUS_NETWORKPATH Specified content path is a network path.
0x001458 SUS_NONNTFS_PATH Specified content path is not NTFS.
0x001459 SUS_NONFIXEDDRIVE Specified content path is not on a fixed drive.
0x00145a SUS_NONTFS_DRIVES_PRESENT No NTFS drives exist on the system.
0x00145b SUS_INSUFFICIENT_SPACE Not enough space is available at the given path. At least 6 GB of space is required.
0x00145c SUS_NEED_SERVER_AND_PORT Both server name and port are required for replica mode.
0x00145d SUS_MSCOM_SERVER Specified server name ends in
0x001460 SUS_ERROR_PREREQCHECK_FAIL Prerequisite check failed.
0x001461 SUS_LOWDBSCHEMAUPGRADE_VERSION This database schema is too old to be upgraded.
0x001462 SUS_UPGRADE_REQUIRED WSUS Setup must upgrade. Use the /G parameter to avoid this error.

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