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How to install HP Quick Launch Button Application and Driver silently via MDT

07 / 10 / 2010 by MDT, Packaging & Deployment 1 Yorum / Comment

1. Download the driver pack from HP, the version I used is SP44777.exe
2. Extract the package to a folder, e.g : C:HPQLBD
3. Run CMD and CD to C:HPQLBD
3. Run setup.exe -r -f1″c:setup.iss” and install the application as you wish
4. Uninstall the application if you don’t need on your work computer.
5. Copy the newly generated C:setup.iss file to C:HPQLBD folder, confirm to overwrite the old one.
6. Compress the folder with WinRAR
7. Open the .RAR file with WinRAR and select ToolsConvert Archive to SFX
8. Select Advanced SFX Options
9. Write setup.exe -s to Run after extraction section
2009-10-07 16.00-01
10.Modes TAB : Select Unpack to temporary folder box, and Hide all button.
11.Select OK, and close Winrar.
2009-10-07 16.04-02
12.Ready, create the application on MDT , use just your sfx rar package name as silent installation command.
2009-10-07 16.00-01

One comment on “How to install HP Quick Launch Button Application and Driver silently via MDT

  1. on November 15, 2010
    f6 says:

    Thanks! This is so usefull tip!
    May I ask where do you get switch options to HP setup.exe? :-)

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